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How Do I Choose A Good Building Inspector?

When you are buying a house, paying for a building inspector service is vital. If you have an inspection prior to signing an agreement, you can avoid potential pitfalls, and buy secure in the knowledge that the property is a safe one. If you need help from inspectors of buildings or pests, then we can show you the best way to choose the right person for the job.

Choosing The Right Time

In order to find a good inspector, you have to bring them in at the right time. The buyer will usually initiate the inspection to make sure that the property is sound, both structurally and in terms of pests, before they buy. It is not unusual for initial purchase contracts to make a satisfactory building/pest inspection a condition of the agreement.

Finding Someone Qualified

As well as choosing someone who is available when the inspection is needed, you should also be looking for someone who is suitably qualified. Most inspectors will have taken specific courses, and be highly qualified in this subject. They should also have experience, allowing them to evaluate the property. Inspectors are required to be licensed builders, surveyors and architects who have previously worked in the building industry.

Having The Right Tools

An inspector will not just walk around the building, looking for clearly visible signs of problems. Instead, they will use non-invasive tools in the process, including scanners, thermal imaging machines, electronic meters and water sensors, which will help them to process the building and spot obvious problems. They will also use machines to show moisture in woods and plaster, and have cameras or video recorders to capture evidence of any problems that they find.

Comprehensive Reports

Inspectors will also be able to provide you with a quick inspection report, which will tell you all that you need to know about the house. You should view a sample to make sure that it covers the areas that you are interested in. You may receive a finished report of between 5-30 pages, so be prepared to read it all before you complete the contract.

Find An Inspector Today

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