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Building & Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

One call to PCT Building & Pest Inspections is all it takes to achieve real confidence in the purchase of your Gold Coast home or investment property:

  • We liaison with your Real Estate Agent, Broker / Financier to ensure no hold ups
  • We utilise the Latest thermal imaging and moisture content technology available
  • Quality easy to read inspection reports in 24 hours. All explained by our inspector who carries out the Inspection and explains it to you. You deal with the owner director and no subcontractors

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Pest Inspections Gold Coast

For quality pest inspections on the Gold Coast. We uncover the presence of insects which destroy wood such as termites, borers and wood decaying fungi. We can also provide a combined building and pest inspection report.

Steel Post Corrosion

Watch as our inspector discovers a badly corroded steel supporting post in Banora Point. Our inspector’s solution is to regularly paint any exposed metal due to  salt being present in these coastal areas

Reports Within 24 Hours

  • We care – We understand that this is a stressful time
  • We take care of everything from your first call through to your quality, easy to understand report delivered within 24 hours
  • We provide quality pre-purchase building and pest inspections to ensure peace of mind.
  • We suggest you be at the building and pest inspection so we can give you the personal service and time that is needed to walk you through the findings – face to face.

Want to know more about our Gold Coast building and pest inspection services? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

What Does A Building Inspection Cover?

When you are in the process of buying a house from a seller, you will need to pay for a series of inspections concerning the condition of the property. For example, you may want to call in PCT Building & Pest Gold Coast South to aid you in the essential building inspection of the Gold Coast property.

If you would like to know more about what our inspections cover, we have described a few details of the process here.

Where Do The Inspectors Look?

In a building inspection, the entire property is examined, from the very bottom, underneath the house, to the roof. Both indoors and outdoors are inspected, and an assessment is made of the current condition of the property.

If there has been any work recently performed on the house, such as an extension or electrical work, then the inspector will make detailed notes about this area.

Outside the house

In addition to checking all of these areas inside the house, the inspector will also look at the yard and the boundaries of the property. They will examine the current state of fences and gates, possible future damage from trees close to the house, damage to external walls, and the electrical and water services to the property.

Who Conducts Building Inspections?

There are only a limited number of inspectors in the territory, because these inspections must be carried out by an inspector who has qualified in this role, and has then been fully licenced.

They will also be insured, in order to protect the customers of their inspection. In most cases, the inspector will also be experienced in their role – the key to discovering things which might have been previously missed.

Specific Features of an Inspection

In addition to giving the whole of the house a once-over, the inspector will also be focused upon particular elements within the house. They will search for: signs of cracks in the wall – a possible sign of subsidence, evidence of water leaks or mould, problems with doors and windows including not locking or being stuck, rust on metal areas of the property, and issues with the electrics including failure of power sources, overloading of sockets, and aging circuitry.

Call on us for a high-quality inspection

When the time has come to have a building inspection on the Gold Coast, there is one name that you can trust above all the others. PCT Building & Pest Inspections Gold Coast can help you to discover the condition of the property before you buy. Take a look at our competitive pricing on Gold Coast inspections.

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