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When It’s Time for a Building and Pest Inspection on the Gold Coast

A building pest inspection on the Gold Coast is important for several reasons. If you’re buying, it lets you see if you’re making a good investment or not, if you have suspicions of a termite problem, we can determine the extent and it also ensures that the building in question is safe for the tenants inside. Here at PCT Building and Pest Inspections, we have state of the art tools and well trained inspectors to have a look at any building. Here’s how to know it’s time to schedule that pest inspection. 

If You’re Buying a New Property

If you’re buying a new home or other structure, it’s the ideal time to have the place inspected. This way you know if there’s any structural damage due to termites or if there’s the risk of a termite infestation in the future. Having this knowledge will help you decide if the place is a good investment or if you are willing to make the repairs that may be needed. Anytime you buy, you should always get a pest inspection before you sign the papers. 

If You’re Selling a Property

If you’re planning to sell, you can also protect your investment by having an inspection done prior to listing the property for sale. This way you know the exact condition of the building and will have proof of any damage that might already exist so that future buyers won’t be able to tell you the price should be lower. Knowing the value and condition of your property before you sell is incredibly valuable and will help you get the best price for it. 

Once Per Year

Termites are prevalent in Australia so some experts recommend having a pest inspection done every 12 months. We’re happy to do routine checks on your property. The reason it’s so important to have them done on a regular basis is because termites can cause devastating damage to the timber inside and outside your property. 

The longer the problem goes on, the more costly and dangerous the damage is likely to be. Catching the problem early means you won’t have to spend so much resolving the issue and can protect the integrity of your structure at the same time. We’ll help you set up the ideal maintenance schedule for your pest inspections. 

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