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When you are in the process of buying a home, a pest inspection is standard. You need this survey to establish whether the home is in a good condition, but if you discover that there is some problem with the home, such as a termite inspection, then you may consider asking for a second pest inspection of the Gold Coast property. PCT Building and Pest Inspections can tell you why this might be necessary.

After the discovery of infestation

Home buyers dread hearing the news that an infestation has been discovered in a potential property. Not only does this make the home less attractive, but there is always the risk that the problem will be ongoing, making it a very expensive investment. 

When old problems are discovered

Another factor that may make you want to consider a secondary pest survey from PCT Building and Pest Inspections is when your current inspector says that there is evidence of previous pest activity. For example, if there is an old termite nest on the property, you may decide that a second check is the best way to make sure that there are no current infestations.

After a seller completes repairs

If you have asked the seller to make repairs that will fix an insect problem, then it makes sense to call in a secondary inspection team from PCT Building and Pest Inspections. We can check that the work has been done to the correct standard, and that the house is free of insects.

After a long delay

How long ago was your last pest inspection? Home buying can sometimes take many months to complete, and so you need to check that the house is still in good condition. This includes having a second pest inspection to make sure that no insects have taken up residence since the previous survey.

For a more advanced check

If you chose a more affordable pest inspection last time, you may now want to go for something more extensive. Thermal imaging, for example, of the property walls, or in-depth surveying of the anti-termite shields on the property.

Choosing the right team

If you are in one of the situations described above, then the best solution is to request a second pest inspection on the Gold Coast property. Choosing PCT Building and Pest Inspections will make you feel more confident in this secondary inspection, so reach out to us today online, or by calling the team on 0407752477 now.

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